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• I have had two children attend Atlanta Country Day school. They do an excellent job with students that have not been successful in the traditional public school environment. They will craft a program that will meet your child's needs in preparing them for college and keeping them interested in school. The staff at ACDS takes a genuine interest in their students - who become part of the ACDS family. No student falls through the cracks because the teachers and administration keep a close eye on how each student is progressing. I would recommend ACDS as an excellent option to be considered.

• Our family has been a member of the Atlanta Country Day School family for nearly 4 years. Our oldest son is starting college this fall and is prepared in every way for success thanks to his personalized, excellent education from ACDS. He was able to complete calculus and discrete math because Jan and Mel Cohen hire exceptionally qualified faculty. Our youngest son will be graduating a year early thanks to this amazing school, and is also well prepared for college. We are very satisfied with ACDS and everyone who works so hard there to create an excellent educational experience for the students.

• “I have never been to a graduation and honors ceremony that has moved me as much as that of the Atlanta Country Day School graduation celebration last week. It was so much fun to see the kids play music, sing, walk to receive diplomas and honors. Each individual was so happy so very proud of their accomplishments. It was especially rewarding because I know some of these kids have come from very difficult situations or have experienced loss and sadness. They were full of emotion and pure joy”.

• “ACDS was an absolute lifesaver for our son! This school not only focuses on what a child learns but how he learns. The teachers are exceptional and the administration is incredibly responsive to all issues that may arise. This school works to insure that each child excels in all areas, including academics. Jan and Mel succeed at providing a nurturing environment along with personal accountability for each student. This truly is an extended family and will always be counted as part of the village that assisted in raising our son. We are so very thankful for ACDS, and all it has meant to our family. ACDS is truly an amazing place”.

• “ACDS has been a dream come true for our daughter. She used to dread going to school before we enrolled her at ACDS. Now she is excited and enthusiastic about learning. Her grades and attendance have improved and her attitude at home is much better. She enjoys the one on one attention she gets from the staff and teachers. As a parent, it is always a pleasure interfacing with Jan and Mel. It's a close knit community always looking to welcome and nurture new students”.

• “Atlanta Country Day School has earned its longstanding exceptional standards of excellence through hands on day to day administrative leadership and top quality teachers who know HOW to teach. Their collaborative approach recognizes each student for the individual they are, the small class sizes permitting group and personal attention. There is real heart and substance together with consistent positive example and encouragement by all staff and administration. A spirit of genuineness and eagerness to learn pervades together with a pragmatic application of what is learned to daily life. There is a strong mutual respect among all students. Moreover, students at Atlanta Country Day School have a sense of earned accomplishment and confidence from their training which will be carried with them their entire lives. It is a family experience. The teachers and administration show consistent with their actions what they stand for. From my personal experience and interaction with this school the past two years, it is well deserving of a six star rating. This is truly an exceptional place”.

• “Patience and flexibility are the strengths of the faculty and administration. They listened to the challenges of our child and remained focused on assisting him in pursuing his academic goals. The program they developed and support they provided allowed him to graduate on schedule and gain acceptance to his first choice for college”!

• “Atlanta Country Day School did for my child what other schools couldn't do. Thanks to ACDS”.

Get your child the attention he or she deserves!

We offer day school, year round night school courses for credit, early graduation, high school finishing for students who have withdrawn from schools, and programs for students released from prior schools.



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